Will Collaborative Divorce Work for You?

Will Collaborative Divorce Work for You?

Thursday Jan 11th, 2018

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If you are undergoing a separation or divorce, you will have many significant and often difficult choices to make. Everyone has heard the horror stories of couples going through long, costly, drawn-out court battles over assets, custody and money. However, that is not the only way to resolve the multiple issues that arise when marriages come to an end. Collaborative practice offers a different and, more often, healthier approach.

A Collaborative Divorce is a process in which a divorcing couple resolves all matters pertaining to their separation with the help of trained professionals. Each party retains a collaboratively trained attorney to help them navigate and negotiate a resolution. The Collaborative Divorce process may also include other professionals, such as child custody experts and accountants depending on the specific needs of each family.

Both spouses and their attorneys must sign a Collaborative participation agreement which affirms each party’s intention to resolve their matter outside of court. Being able to resolve a case outside of court and without the threat of litigation often leads to more creative solutions and takes into account the individual and unique circumstances of each divorcing couple. A Collaborative Divorce offers people the opportunity to be part of the solution rather than leaving the most personal aspects of their lives (relationships, children, money, etc.) in the hands of the court.

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