Lawyers Who Are On Your Side

Lawyers Who Are On Your Side

Helping You Understand Your Rights And Options In Divorce

Divorce is a sensitive and personal matter. Amicangelo & Theisen acknowledge that no single approach is right for everyone, and can offer representation for mediation and collaborative law approaches. Many couples find the collaborative approach to be a welcome alternative to the high conflict process of court proceedings, while others prefer to go through mediation. Whichever option is best for you, we will commit to being professional, knowledgeable and respectful along your journey.

Divorce follows a step-by-step process, and we will guide you through it, from start to finish. We handle all the family law matters related to and stemming from divorce, including:

  • Spousal support/alimony: Divorce can often leave an individual in a vulnerable state financially. You may be entitled to spousal support and/or alimony pendente lite. After a divorce is finalized, alimony may help you reach financial independence. However, pursuing support and/or alimony can be a confusing process occurring at a time of high conflict for families. We can represent you in your support matter and help you understand your legal rights and options.
  • Property division: Since Pennsylvania is an equitable distribution state when it comes to dividing property during divorce, the marital property and debts are divided based upon factors set by Pennsylvania divorce law. You can discuss with your lawyer what you may be entitled to and how to keep what is yours.
  • Child custody: Pursuing a custody action can often be an emotional and stressful time for both parents and the children involved. Amicangelo & Theisen is here to represent you through the entire process regardless of what approach best suits your family. We represent not only parents but grandparents, aunts and uncles, and others seeking standing in custody actions. Further, we are experienced in appellate practice should the need for representation arise.
  • Child support: Both parents are legally responsible for financially supporting their children. Pursuing or attending child support matters can be a stressful process. Whether you are making a child support claim or defending against one, we can help you through the process.
  • Collaborative divorce: The collaborative process provides you with an opportunity to sit down at the table with your spouse, each of your collaborative attorneys and potentially other professionals, such as financial neutrals or child specialists to help you resolve and finalize your divorce/support/custody matter. You and your spouse commit to resolving your matter without going to court. Collaborative divorce has a myriad of benefits (if it is a possibility) including:
    • Time and money savings (less time in court means less time spent on lawyers)
    • Allows for the exchange of information in an informal, open way
    • Allows for a resolution that is most beneficial to all parties

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