Lawyers Who Are On Your Side

Lawyers Who Are On Your Side

Making Immigration Law Understandable

The immigration system can be confusing and overwhelming. As one of the only local law firms in Northwestern Pennsylvania to provide representation in immigration law, Amicangelo & Theisen has the experience and knowledge necessary to assist you. We break down complex immigration concepts to make them more understandable. Our process is to take a personalized approach and get to know our clients. We do a painstaking review of the circumstances surrounding your status and explain the steps required to resolve the immigration issue in everyday language. Together, we work toward determining the resolution for your situation.

Offering A Range Of Immigration Law Services

At Amicangelo & Theisen, we offer immigration law services to help individuals, families and businesses navigate the immigration process. No matter what your status is or what kind of challenges you are facing, we have the knowledge, skills and experience needed to guide you through the immigration system and address your immigration concerns. We help with a range of immigration issues including:

Even if your immigration request has been denied, you still have options. The government has an appeal process that gives you a second chance. We can assist you with filing an appeal and stay by your side throughout the process.

Contact The Immigration Lawyers At Amicangelo & Theisen

If you are in need of an immigration lawyer, contact us to set up a consultation to discuss your situation. Call 814-841-4044 or fill out our online contact form. We look forward to working together to resolve your legal issues.