Lawyers Who Are On Your Side

Lawyers Who Are On Your Side

Helping People Become American Citizens

One of the great benefits of becoming a citizen is the great sense of relief that it brings – the feeling that a weight has been lifted from your shoulders. Many new citizens describe their worries about deportation, being separated from loved ones in the U.S. and the possible consequences of traveling abroad before obtaining their citizenship. Achieving naturalized citizen status not only allows you to hold a U.S. passport, but provides other possible immigration benefits for your family.

Guidance Through The Naturalization Process

Applying for naturalization is a complicated process that involves gathering evidence and filling out highly detailed forms. Errors in these forms or missing a filing deadline can derail the entire process and cause lengthy delays. We at Amicangelo & Theisen take great pride in helping people become American citizens and sharing all that America has to offer. Our legal team can help make sure that all forms are filled out correctly and filed on time. We also help gather evidence and ensure that the documents and information submitted meet government guidelines.

Contact The Citizenship Legal Team At Amicangelo & Theisen

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