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What if you lose the job that secured your employment visa?

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2023 | Immigration Law

Getting legal permission to travel to the United States of America can be a challenging process. Some people can make use of family relationships if they have loved ones in the country. Others can enter the country for educational purposes or to pursue career opportunities.

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) grants many different kinds of employment visas for skilled professionals like medical doctors and even entertainment professionals. Those who secure an employment visa can live and work in the United States for several years and often qualify to renew their visas. Many workers with visas can eventually qualify for a green card and become permanent residents who live in the United States indefinitely.

Unfortunately, some people with employment visas will lose their jobs while living in the United States. If you recently got laid off from your job or terminated and have a work visa, will you face immediate removal from the United States?

There is a grace period for many immigrant workers

The unfortunate truth is that those who enter the country for employment purposes and then lose their jobs are at risk of removal. However, if the USCIS granted you a work visa, then you likely have skills or experience that are in high demand and short supply within the United States. It would benefit you and the community if you were to find comparable employment elsewhere.

You could potentially obtain another job in the same industry and continue living and working in the United States. However, you will need to act quickly. The USCIS will give you a 60-day grace period before it takes action to remove you. In other words, you have roughly two months from the date of your termination to secure new employment rooms and submit the necessary paperwork to the USCIS.

Checking all your options can help you

Employment visas may not be the only option available to you depending on your circumstances. Many people who worry that they are at risk of losing their visas would benefit from a discussion with an immigration lawyer.

There could be many opportunities available to you, from asylum to becoming an investor in a domestic company. Understanding the rules that apply to work-based visas will help those who have to make an unexpected career transition while working in the United States.