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An extension on Temporary Protected Status for 2 nations in effect

On Behalf of | Sep 10, 2023 | Immigration Law

There are many different forms of immigration that allow people to legally enter the United States. Those pursuing a college degree or a better job could secure employment or student visas. There are also family immigration programs that help people bring spouses, children and other close family members to the United States.

Yet, not everyone has an established connection in the United States or the resources to qualify for traditional visa programs. Some people end up moving to the United States specifically because they lack a safe place to stay in their country of origin.

There are humanitarian immigration programs that specifically focus on those facing persecution and hardship in other countries. One of the ways that those from a volatile environment can obtain immigration opportunities is through applying for temporary protected status (TPS). The eligibility of individuals from two nations, in particular, recently increased by another two years to last until 2025.

What is the recent development in TPS rules?

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) both influence immigration policy and help enforce it around the country. DHS recently announced that the ongoing instability in Sudan and Ukraine justified increasing the TPS designation for another 18 months.

Those who are already in the United States and likely subject to a requirement to leave can leverage TPS to legally stay in the country. If someone from Ukraine applies for TPS, for example, they could stay well beyond the expiration date for their tourism visa if the instability in their home nation continues. Those staying in the United States because of a TPS designation can work in the United States and can even apply for authorization to travel to other countries in some cases.

Changing policies require constant awareness

Those who believe that they may qualify for humanitarian immigration consideration or who have loved ones who may qualify need to be aware of what countries the USCIS and DHS currently recognize as unstable or unsafe.

Those who are familiar with domestic immigration policies may have an easier time making use of humanitarian immigration programs that may allow them to legally enter the country or to remain here indefinitely until situations in their country of origin stabilize. Making use of humanitarian immigration programs typically requires prompt action and appropriate legal support when submitting the necessary paperwork to federal authorities.